Metro Exodus' mutants are some marvelous monstrosities


Freaks of nature

Earlier this week, we met the people in Metro Exoduswho will make Artyom’s life a little easier. Now it’s time for the nightmares that’ll make survival a lot tougher.

Below is a gallery of Metro Exodus‘ mutants and short descriptors about what makes them particularly fearsome. Look at that winged demon thing! Look at those giant razor talons! Look at the crazy hell-pattern of all his teeth pointing haphazardly toward the middle of his mouth, as if to say “In the middle of this maw, in the very center, is where a thousand knives converge and everything that’s living dies!”

It’s not all awful, though. (I’m lying, it is all awful.) The shrimp boy clearly just wants to be left alone. The Lurker looks content to build a dam out of radioactive waste. But, they’re still threats and that means you will kill them when you encounter them. Post-apocalyptic Siberia is not the place or time to lean on giving mutants the benefit of the doubt.

The final part of our Metro ExodusGallery Bonanza will focus on the tools used to put these beasts down. Be on the lookout for the weapons roundup early next week.