Metroid: Samus Returns possibly coming to the Switch makes a whole lot of sense


I’ll take it

Now that the Switch has become the prime directive for Nintendo: any legacy content from the Wii U or the 3DS is fair game for ports.

I mean, we’ve seen it with the Switch even in just the past three years, as Nintendo has begun the process of moving over every major first-party title from the Wii U graveyard (RIP) to their next generation. It’s honestly kind of staggering that in the end, the Wii U could have very little, if any exclusives (you’ll pry Nintendo Landfrom my cold, dead hands).

In the meantime, internet sleuths have found a possible hint at a potential upcoming port that just makes a whole lot of sense. Over on the official Nintendo site, an image pertaining to a “Super Metroid Skin & Screen Protector Set” that shows someone playing a Metroidtitle on a Switch has been spotted.

Metroid: Samus Returns, the 2017 title from 3DS, could be in play. Or, of course, this could be a marketing mistake. We’ve reached out to Nintendo for comment, but don’t expect a reply.

Either way, I think it’s an interesting prospect and worth looking at. Samus Returnswould pretty much port over nicely (amiibo support and all) and give it new life. Plus, it would segue nicely into the next Metroid project. I’m keeping an eye out for this one.

Super Metroid Skin & Screen Protector Set [Nintendo via Nintendo Life]