Michael Ironside returns in Ghost Recon Wildland's Splinter Cell


What a jumbled mess of a name

When Ubisoft announced that second year of content for Ghost Recon Wildlands, I really didn’t expect much from it. This was a mediocre game, at best, that already had a plethora of content that went nowhere. How the hell could you expand it and make it more interesting? Adding Splinter Cell‘s Sam Fisher and having Michael Ironside return to voice the iconic character has certainly changed my tune.

Starting tomorrow (April 10), “Special Operation I: Splinter Cell” will be available for players of Wildlands on all platforms. Along with seeing the return of the rightful voice of Sam, you’ll also have a mission where you can tag along with the shadow master and a bunch of new cosmetic items themed around Third Echelon and Splinter Cell. I’m particularly fond of the pistol, which takes me back to the old Xbox days.

Unlike the Predator event, this new Splinter Cell mission will be a permanent addition to the Wildlands experience. The only caveat will be that if you don’t finish the mission before the event period finishes (on May 16), you’ll be locked out from getting the cosmetic rewards. While that sucks, at least Ubisoft isn’t throwing away the most interesting part.

If you are only interested in this Splinter Cell mission, then this weekend is going to be a real treat for you. Ubisoft will be holding a free weekend for Wildlands from April 12 – April 15 and you’ll have access to literally everything in the game. That means the full campaign, all of the PvP content and even this new special event. That is a hell of a way to promote your game and I’m sure the more frugal among us will be happy to experience Sam’s return for free.