Microsoft again gives the finger to Conker fans


This is what everyone wants, right?

At its E3 press conference last year, Microsoft openly mocked Conkerfans with a reveal that the infamous squirrel would be added to the free-to-download Project Spark. Everyone knew that this wasn’t what anyone wanted for the beloved Rare character. They wanted a new game, not to be shoehorned into an existing one.

Since last June, it’s been all quiet on the Conkerfront — until today, that is. Microsoft’s released a new trailer outlining its release plans for Conker’s Big Reunionon April 23. The game, or add-on, or whatever the hell this is will be priced at $4.99. There’s also $9.99 pack that grants access to the creation assets, and makes Conker playable in Champion’s Quest and Crossroads.

In the 72-second trailer for Conker’s Big Reunion, exactly none of the charm is captured that makes Conker such an admired character. But, if you want to be #RealSad on April 23, it’ll only cost you $4.99.