Microsoft boss says 'no issues' with Scorpio, should still hit targeted launch


I wonder if people will rally around this thing

We haven’t heard much out of Microsoft’s camp when it comes to pretty much…anything, Many of their exclusives have been either canceled or delayed, and at this point it’s obvious that they’re pretty much saving all of their surprises for their press conference at E3 (something a few other publishers have toned down in recent years).

Either way, what’s happening with the Scorpio? It’s still in full swing, Xbox head Phil Spencer says. Speaking to a fan on Twitter he noted that the “schedule looks very good right now, no issues,” in respect to the Scorpio, which at this point is a holiday 2017 target.

What I’m really interested in seeing though is how people take to the promise of 4K/60 FPS gaming. Folks clamor for it frequently (I mainly just want 60 FPS for action games where it matters), but will they actually pony up and buy a machine that does it? Then again, those folks probably own a top-end PC that can pump those specs out anyway. So yeah, I’m still very invested in seeing how the Scorpio does.

Phil Spencer [Twitter]