Microsoft introduces Console Purchase Pilot scheme in efforts to combat Xbox Series X scalping


Currently being trialed for U.S. Xbox owners

As both PlayStation and Xbox continue to struggle with low stock production of their respective new gaming consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, both publishers’ efforts to get the new hardware into players’ hands is being furthered hindered by the presence of scalpers — buying up multiple units to re-sell at a premium on the aftermarket.

Microsoft has announced that it is currently trialing a new system in efforts to ensure that incoming batches of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles only end up being ordered by and delivered to genuine Xbox fans. The Console Purchase Pilot scheme, now live in North America, allows Xbox Insider members to reserve a console directly through an app installed on Xbox One.

Microsoft’s logic is that players reserving a console through this scheme would not only be registered as an Xbox Insider account, but also signaled their purchase via an Xbox One console, extra steps which Microsoft hopes will provide added authentication, remove anonymity, and also deny access for bot software, which scalpers have been using in order to raid retail web browsers. Of course, with these restrictions the scheme is only available to a specific group of people, but that’s exactly the point.

Interested parties should check out the Xbox Insider Hub on their Xbox One console for more details. As a pilot scheme, Microsoft has noted that not everybody signing up is guaranteed a reserved console, but hopefully the scheme will prove efficient and will roll out globally in the near future.

Today we're introducing the Console Purchase Pilot, allowing US #XboxInsiders on Xbox One to register for a chance to reserve an Xbox Series X|S console. Check the Xbox Insider Hub on Xbox One for details. Limited space is available and not all who register will be selected.

— Xbox Insider (@xboxinsider) May 11, 2021