Microsoft is asking people if they want to see PS5 DualSense features in Xbox controllers


Sure, but the controller is good as-is too

The new console wars have begun, and we are all winning this battle.

This generation, it feels like there’s something for everyone. PC is still an ever-present constant. VR is gaining traction on some platforms. The Switch offers up a long-term Nintendo experience that shows no signs of tanking anytime soon (sorry, Wii U). The PS5 seems to be doing well right now. And Microsoft climbed out of the depths of despair with the Xbox One launch and is rocking it with Game Pass. There’s options.

Microsoft, however, is arguably the king of options. The DualSense is a great controller, don’t get me wrong, but I really love the fact that basically all of my existing Xbox hardware works on the Series X/S. It makes everything so easy when I want to jack up a local player count or try out a controller I haven’t played with in a while. But Microsoft might be trying something new down the road.

According to Tech Radar, the publisher sent out a fan survey asking if they wanted to see new features for future Xbox controllers. Specifically, the survey seems to inquire about “PlayStation controller” features that users would like to see in future iterations, and whether or not the Xbox Series X controller (with its dedicated share button) is “next-gen enough.”

I have to say, I’m satisfied with both the Series X and PS5. I actually swap between both quite often now, in part because my Series X has a lot more space after I invested in the SSD storage solution. We’re spoiled for choice, but if Microsoft does add these features to a future controller just to compete, we’ll have even more options down the line.

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