Microsoft is releasing a white Xbox One X and a white Elite controller


$500 and $150, respectively

Xbox is finally diverging from the all-black aesthetic for its best console and controller. Later this year, the Xbox One X and the Elite controller will be available in white.

The centerpiece of this announcement is the Xbox One X Fallout 76bundle. It’s the first time a white Xbox One X has been produced (although the base of the console is still black). It has a 1TB hard drive, and it comes with a white Xbox One S model controller and a copy of Fallout 76. It retails for $500 and it’ll hit stores on November 14 — just a bit after the one-year anniversary of the Xbox One X.

The Elite controller is also getting a fresh coat of paint. A white version of the Xbox Elite controller releases on October 16. Judging by the description on Xbox Wire, it appears to simply be a redesign of the original Elite. That means it’s not the second version of the Elite controller that has been rumored for a while now. However, given the timing and the fact that no second version has yet been revealed, it’s most likely that this is the codenamed “Washburn” controller that was previously expected to launch in October.

Xbox One X Fallout 76 Bundle and Elite Wireless Controller Now Available in White for the First Time [Xbox Wire]