Microsoft is talking about Xbox Series X next week


Whether it’s applicable to you remains to be seen

As Information Watch for the new consoles continue, we’re obligated to give a heads-up for an event next week that will probably lead to some new details about the Xbox Series X. It’s born out of Microsoft moving its GDC presence entirely online (before the whole conference was eventually postponed).

On Wednesday, March 18, Microsoft is hosting a talk called “Xbox Series X + Project xCloud = New Chapter in Gaming.” It’s part of the Game Stack Live series of presentations that will be streamed on Mixer. The whole schedule can be seen here, but this is the one that most obviously directly concerns the next generation of Xbox.

So, what can we expect? It’s super difficult to guess. Sometimes GDC talks focus on consumer-facing issues. If that’s the case, we might get some more details about things that actually affect us. Maybe it’s a presentation about the approach to game streaming as it concerns the new generations of consoles. Or, maybe it’s very developer-dense and has to do with leveraging cloud computing infrastructures. This one could go either direction.

Join us for Game Stack Live [Microsoft]