Microsoft seemingly wants to extend their PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds exclusivity deal in light of Sony talks


Another timed exclusive

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds — it’s a big game, right? Everyone wants a seat at the table as Bluehole basically forms its own empire around the tried and true survival/battle royale concept.

The thing is, right now, it’s only on PC. Microsoft tapped them first to try and get some sort of exclusivity deal on Xbox One, a concept that they’ve been toting around for many months now — not speaking in any certain terms if this deal is actually exclusive or how long it is. Well, over time we did learn that it’s not going to be a full exclusive (Bluehole probably has enough money to not make this short-sighted decision), and that Sony is “in talks” to bring the game to PS4.

Well, Microsoft isn’t having any of that, it seems. According to Bloomberg, Microsoft is looking at extending the deal to account for a longer exclusivity period. While they might not be good for us, these are the moves that Microsoft needs to make while Sony locks up deals left and right.

Microsoft In Talks to Extend ‘Battlegrounds’ Exclusive Deal [Bloomberg]