Microsoft is selling an Xbox Red Ring of Death poster


Cherish the many Xbox 360’s that ringed-out

There are high points in the history of the Xbox, like Halo and the Scorpio reveal. But there are also low points, like the infamous Xbox 360 “Red Ring of Death.” And Microsoft, it seems, is commemorating it all.

The company just launched its six-part docu-seriesPower On: The Story of Xbox, recounting the legacy of Microsoft’s console over the last two decades. Part of that history is, obviously, the Red Ring of Death: the name given to a notorious technical issue with the Xbox 360.

As part of the docu-series, Xbox covers the Red Ring of Death, a critical malfunction that plagued its popular console. And with its prints commemorating the series, it also highlights the Red Ring in glorious, wall print-sized fashion.

Xbox Red Ring of Death

Yes, so now you too can gaze upon your wall and fondly remember wrapping a towel around your Xbox. Fondly reminisce on the time you got home from school to play some Modern Warfare and were greeted with the ominous red glow.

There is an element of joking around about it that Microsoft is pulling off with it here, though. I’m more keen on some of the other prints in the line, but if you want that Red Ring emblazoned on your wall, it’s available here for $24.99.

The Power On docu-series, meanwhile, is all available to watch on YouTube right now. You can find a full playlist, including the Red Ring of Death episode, right here. And be sure to pour one out at your next earliest convenience for every Xbox 360 we saw Red Ring along the way.