Microsoft's E3 conference will be held on June 9


At 1PM Pacific

Microsoft is getting their E3 planning phase out of the way early. This morning the official Xbox site gave us a hard date for their E3 conference: June 9 at 1:00PM PT. Note that they are now the only member of the “big three” that’s even holding a proper stage conference in 2019. Microsoft is expected to go big this year and announce their next generation console plans ahead of Sony (who gave us preliminary PS5 details today).

To be clear, that’s a Sunday, before the E3 showfloor is officially open. How does this compare to previous years? Well, it’s par for the course, as Microsoft has held their conferences on Sundays for the past several years around 1PM Pacific, sharing the same day as Bethesda. In 2016, Microsoft shared Monday with Sony, the PC Gaming Show, and Ubisoft before moving to their new Sunday slot.

Well, the table is mostly set for E3. Sony bowed out, Microsoft has a time, and Nintendo has revealed their preliminary plans (they just need to give us a time and day for the expected Direct). E3 is just a few months away!

E3 Briefing [Xbox]