Middle-Earth: Shadow of War will get Scorpio and PS4 Pro support, but no Switch version


But does it come in pints?

Along with re-confirming that the new Mordor, Middle-earth: Shadow of Warwill utilize the power of the Xbox Scorpio and PS4 Pro, they also put any rumors of a Switch version to bed. Speaking to GameSpot,Monolith creative VP Michael de Plater stated that they have “no plans” for the Switch, which is pretty much inline with the rest of WB’s priorities.

In other news de Plater explains that the reason the original game ended so abruptly (and badly) is because they had to “cut off a lot” of the story, something they’re looking to rectify in Shadow of War. I’m interested in seeing how, if at all, Monolith has upped their game. I wasn’t very impressed with the gamey nature of the “Nemesis” system, which ended up being hyped beyond belief.

It seems as if they’ve doubled down on it with the sequel, as de Plater explains that even though the first Nemesis NPCs “become more similar to fight” over time (I wish we got this frank explanation instead of months of hype), there are now more “tools” to draw from with Shadow of War, so things will be different. Now that people have to disclose that they’re pimping the sequel for cash, we might see a bigger array of opinions at launch if they don’t follow through.

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