Middle-earth: Shadow of War's E3 demo looks pretty similar to its predecessor


Still coming in October with Xbox One X enhancements

So we can stop calling it the “Scorpio” now. In all of its literature leading up to this momentMiddle-earth: Shadow of Warwas described as “Scorpio” compatible, but that end today with the announcement of the Xbox One X.

The October 10 bound game (that’s also coming to PC and PS4) had another demonstration today, mostly showing off some boss fights, banter, and the domination/nemesis system yet again. It’s…all a little too similar for my tastes.

“Beat up boss, hold B, then choose a QTE” isn’t the best way to show off Shadow of War,at least not as well as the siege system in its debut trailer. As someone who wasn’t the biggest fan of the first, there’s plenty of room for improvement.