Middle-earth: Shadow of War's market has officially closed


Epilogue requirements reduced, too

Middle-earth: Shadow of War’s in-game marketplace has finally closed its doors. If you’re wondering what that sound is, it’s the joyous chorus of many fans the world over. While microtransactions were actually removed a few months back, you will no longer have to deal with seeing that greedy orc rubbing his hands together while you get a first-hand look at an issue plaguing this industry.

In addition to expunging WB’s cash-grabbing efforts, Monolith Productions has also greatly reduced the requirements for Shadow of War’s epilogue chapter, “Shadow Wars”. Previously, you needed to grind out the nemesis system to see the conclusion of the title or spend some money in the marketplace to speed the process up. Now, the chapter plays like an actual piece of entertainment instead of a thinly veiled attempt to suck cash out of players.

Along with that, completing the epilogue will reward you with some high-end gear for your troubles. Players that have already completed Shadow Wars will be automatically given the gear when they log into the game. There is a further list of changes to Shadow of War that is far too long to go over, but it all sounds like positive stuff. I’m particularly fond of the increased spawn rates on legendary orcs.

Now if only we could get some other games to drop their microtransactions.

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