Miiverse might be closing soon, but it'll have one last hurrah on one last channel


‘Everybody’s Message Community’

Miiverse was a really cool experiment. I never really used it, but I liked lurking on it. Social media and “following” capabilities were all the rage at the time (and still are), so you can’t really fault Nintendo for trying.

But like most things proprietary, it simply didn’t have a great infrastructure to support it, and Nintendo wasn’t very good at on-boarding people into the thing. It didn’t catch on, and alas, it’s going to be shut down soon. Before that happens though, there’s one last bastionof hope with the Everybody’s Message Community channel, where users can reminiscence and chat with each other until October 11.

After that time the channel will be shut down so no one can longer write on it, and the entire service will be removed on November 7. There are still currently no plans to save it on the Switch, so if you want in, you can view it online, or by way of your 3DS and Wii U for the time being.

Everybody’s Message Community [Miiverse]