Minecraft Dungeons just hit 10 million players, and it's getting new DLC


A lot of that is probably Game Pass

Minecraft Dungeons has a lot to celebrate.

AlthoughMinecraft is still a huge IP, there was always a risk trying to get people involved in a spinoff, as a lot of folks generally will just keep playing the game they already know. Although it is available for non-Microsoft platforms, Game Pass significantly helped mitigate that risk.

Microsoft has confirmed that the game just hit “10 million players.” Note that they didn’t break down individual sales, or how much of that was Game Pass, or the standard edition of the release. As a result, they’re giving away a special cape and pet for “all players,” which will be added on February 24 for free as DLC.

The publisher touts that there have been 103 million multiplayer sessions across Xbox Game Pass, which were “80% couch co-op-based.” People still play couch co-op?! You don’t say! It’s almost like a huge portion of every console playerbase has been asking for more couch experiences for years.

They also remind us that more big DLC, including the Flames of the Nether pack, is on the way. That will hit on the same day on February 24 on “all platforms,” all of which have cross-play, by the way. That’s a feat!

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