Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 5 releasing March 29


Three additional episodes coming in 2016

After playing the previous episode, A Block and a Hard Place, I said it felt like the true end of the season. Not only did it wrap up the main story arc, it also ended Telltale’s string of quick releases for the series. The shortest wait between episodes was just two weeks, but at this point it has been three months since Episode Four. One more week and we’ll have the fifth episode on March 29.

It sounds like the season assessment was pretty spot-on, as the description for Episode Five: Order Up has Jesse and the new Order of the Stone starting up a fresh adventure. This one will lead into what comes next for the group: three new journeys, each with its own episode.

Rather than saving these up for a Season Two, Telltale is packaging these as Episodes 6, 7, and 8 of Season One. From the description, it sounds like each episode will be self-contained, focusing on a new peril for the Order of the Stone to take on. Given the Saturday morning cartoon feel of Minecraft: Story Mode, this new direction might be a better fit for the series.