Mischievous Fortnite player sends dozens of distracted rocket watchers to an early grave


Smashy smashy

Over the weekend, Fortnite players gathered together in-game to watch what turned out to be a sky-splitting rocket launch. Some players safely watched it alone, while others took the live event as a chance to peacefully work together and build towering structures for a better view of the action.

One player, Elemental_Ray, had greater ambitions. The lad broke up a rocket-viewing party and, in the process, earned himself the high score on Fortnite‘s Single Match Kills leaderboard. He smashed an elevated platform while folks were distracted by the rocket, causing dozens to fall to their death.

A dude with a 0.47 K/D and a 0.60% win ratio now holds the ALL TIME SOLO KILL RECORD.

He broke a ramp that help 48 people during a Rocket Viewing Party.

Absolute legend. pic.twitter.com/fsqYtjMMrV

— NoahJ456 (@NoahJ456) June 30, 2018

Whether you approve of this griefy method or not, I’d say all’s fair in battle royale.

Epic Games is doing a great job of keeping people invested in Fortnite as an ever-changing game, and love him or hate him, opportunistic players like Elemental_Ray sure are keeping things interesting.

NoahJ456 [Twitter]