MLG potentially sold 'substantially all' its assets to Activision



Man, the eSports world is so much more interesting these days.

With so many big-time publishers attempting to enter the market, Activision just up and did what everyone probably wanted to do all along — it potentially bought one of the biggest players in the world. It has made the moves to scoop up MLG for a reported sum of $46 million, and acquired “substantially all” of its assets.

The deal (which hasn’t been filed or executed yet) took place on December 21, at which point MLG’s Board of Directors approved the sale, and CEO SundanceDiGiovanni has been replaced by former CFO Greg Chisholm. Stockholders are apparently not pleased according to the eSports Observer, with one individual stating that he “got fucked” — the sale was also reportedly approved without a stockholder’s meeting, and the “majority” of the sum may simply be going towards paying off debts.

Right now, the future of MLG is uncertain, but signs seem to point to the organization’s dissolution.

MLG sells “substantially all” assets to Activision Blizzard for $46 million, DiGiovanni replaced [eSports Observer]