Mobile research firm estimates less than 5% of userbase paid for Super Mario Run



As we’ve all heard there are many, many estimates for how much money Super Mario Runmade, but this latest one after all of the dust has settled is a little more bleak.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Newzoo, a market research firm, claims that the game generated around $30 million in revenue from the over 90 million installs it garnered. In other words, approximately three percent of the userbase actually paid money for it, and the rest either didn’t bother or have already deleted the game from their phone.

If this estimate is accurate, it doesn’t bode well for Nintendo’s future mobile strategy. It says that providing a full, reasonably priced game where you buy everythingupfront instead of paying daily or weekly fees or pay to play isn’t as viable as pimping your game out with microtransactions.

Then again, there’s still hope that Android users can still be monetized, and maybe Nintendo will change their tune about providing updates for it.

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