Modders have already fixed Kingdom Come: Deliverance's saving and lockpicking


Our real knights in shining armor

It sure didn’t take the modding community long to capitalize on two of Kingdom Come: Deliverance‘s biggest inconveniences. Three days after release and there are already mods that alter the save system and the lockpicking.

One of the most contentious mechanics in Kingdom Come: Deliverancedeals with saving. In order to manually save, players have to consume a “Saviour Schnapps” — a liquor that’s both expensive and addictive. It’s meant to keep from spamming saves and it adds some heft to possibly-poor decisions. But, with a not-always-reliable autosave system, people have found themselves wishing for a more palatable option.

Almost immediately, someone came up with an unlimited saves mod. It seemingly does exactly what it says — it allows for unlimited saving without any real trade-off. Simple as that.

The lockpicking is a bit more convoluted. In order to pick locks, you need to find a specific part of a circle (which represents the whole lock). Then, once in the appropriate place, you rotate the lock while moving the cursor to keep it positioned at that invisible spot. It can be confusing keeping track of exactly where on the circle the cursor is supposed to stay.

Again, modders to the rescue. Without functionally changing how any of the lockpicking works, someone developed a simple mod that breaks the lock up into 12 different sections — much like spokes on a wheel. This serves as a visual aid so that players can follow that specific section rather than guesstimate where it moved to. Another reasonable solution to make things just a little more convenient.

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