Monster Hunter Rise has a TikTok account with monster and cat puppets


2022 is wild

One thing I did not expect to wake up to: a Monster Hunter Rise TikTok account with monster and cat puppets. Nope, I did not have that on my Tuesday checklist!

In order to help promote Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, which is out on June 30 of this year, Capcom created a TikTok page. Note that although the account is “mh_rise_jp,” as a general purpose Rise landing site, it seems to be Sunbreak-only at the moment. The Twitter announcement for the account roughly translates to “dogs and cats have come from the [world of Monster Hunter Rise] to deliver fun videos to hunters!”

If you’re insatiable when it comes to Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak news, you may want to add this account to your bookmarks. Maybe it won’t amount to more than silliness, but given that other Capcom puppet escapades have been similarly day-brightening, it could be worth it anyway.

Between the PC version going strong and this presumably substantial expansion on the way, Monster Hunter Rise is in a pretty good spot. It’s already secured itself as one of the top-performing Monster Hunter games in terms of popularity, and its legacy should be secure given the sheer amount of Switch systems there are out in the wild, and will circulate for years to come.

The first Monster Hunter Rise TikTok post:



♬ オリジナル楽曲 – モンスターハンターライズ:サンブレイク公式 – モンスターハンターライズ:サンブレイク公式