Monster Hunter Rise hits five million units shipped, and is already a platinum seller for the company


It cracked the top 10 all-time sellers for the publisher

Monster Hunter Riseis selling extremely well pretty much everywhere, and now it hit another milestone: five million shipped globally. As a reminder, this is just on Switch, as it’s exclusive to Nintendo’s platform at the moment.

Capcom has confirmed the new number as of this morning, noting that this is part of the 66 million in sales that the series has reached overall. Accounting for Monster Hunter: World‘s 16.8 million units, these two games alone have basically made up a third of the entire franchise sales figures.

But circling back to the big picture a bit, with five million shipped, Monster Hunter Riseis already part of the respectable “top 10 platinum title” club, a list joined by Monster Hunter: World, RE7, RE2 (remake), RE5, RE6, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, SFII, SFV, and RE2. The addition ofRisehas knocked Monster Hunter Freedom 3out of the top 10.

Also, on the same landing page, Capcom reconfirms that the game is set to debut on PC in “early 2022.” So if you think about it, it only has up to go from here. Riseis about to take on Street Fighter Vfor the eighth overall spot, and will likely beat out Street Fighter IIin a matter of time.

At this point, the Switch is either about to crack or is in the process of cracking 80 million units sold, creating a rather stunning install base for pretty much any prospective studio. Once Nintendo releases their latest figures, it’ll easily smash the 82 million high end estimates of the PSP, putting it into the top 10 all-time hardware list. So Risehas an even brighter future ahead.

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