Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak live stream set for March 15


Hot new deets on incoming DLC

Capcom has announced that it will host a live stream event in order to show off the upcoming Sunbreak DLC expansion for its popular PC and Nintendo Switch release Monster Hunter Rise — which is expected to launch on both platforms this summer.

The “Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Digital Event — March 2022″ stream will feature 20 minutes of exciting new details and footage pertaining to the expansion. Attention will be paid to the quests, gear, characters, and, of course, monsters that will be joining the already pretty epic adventure title. The live stream will be broadcast in both English and Japanese, and will be viewable on Capcom’s social media channels.

Monster Hunter Rise originally launched for Nintendo Switch in March 2021, before making its way to the PC platform in January of this year. The spin-off adventure was received very warmly by critics and fans, who praised its interesting worlds, period setting, exciting battle sequences, and intriguing new mechanics and gadgets. The Sunbreak DLC only hopes to expand the game’s horizons, adding new play areas as well as new and returning beasties — including the Elder Dragon Malzeno.

The Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Digital Event will premiere Tuesday, March 15 at 07:00 PT/ 10:00 ET. You can watch the stream on Capcom’s official Monster Hunter YouTube and Twitch channels.

Tune in to the Monster Hunter Digital Event – March 2022 for approximately 20 minutes of programming, including exciting reveals of new monsters, gameplay info, and more! #Sunbreak

? March 15? 14:00 GMT / 7:00 PDT?

— Monster Hunter (@monsterhunter) March 8, 2022