Monster Hunter Stories 2 just added Palamute DLC Monsties for free


Grab the Palamute update now

Monster Hunter Stories 2, like mainline Monster Hunter games, seems to be getting a ton of free post-launch DLC. One of the first big ones just dropped this week shortly after the game arrived, and it involves those trusty Palamute DLC companions!

This time around they’re “Monsties,” though, the game’s term for creatures you can ride and follow you into combat. Stories 2 now sports five star Palamute DLC Dens, as well as eight star Palamute Homes, and Capcom threw in an extra sidequest called Throw Me a Bone (eight star) for good measure. As Capcom notes, in order to play the DLC (and online), you need to have the latest version of the game.

Also note that this doesn’t automatically score you a Palamute to use immediately. You get a ticket with the update, at which point you need to go on the five star quest to explore a Palamute Den: then you get the egg you can hatch into your Monstie. You can climb vines with it, FYI, in case you need one of those!

Here’s the full Palamute DLC patch notes, which you can also view here:

Nintendo Switch
July 15, 2021
Required Space
About 0.5 GB (only this update)

  • – If you have just purchased the digital version, the total amount of required space (including the base game) adds up to about 15 GB.
  • – Please make sure you have enough empty space before you download the update.

Main Additions / Changes:

Additional Co-Op Quests

  • ★5 (Explore) Palamute DLC Den
  • ★8 (Explore) Palamute DLC Home

Additional Subquest

  • ★8 (Special) Throw Me a Bone

Additional Melynx Inc. Exchange Item

  • Palamute DLC Ticket

Bug Fixes / Miscellaneous

  • Some text revisions have been made.
  • Some bug fixes have been made.