Monster Hunter World: Iceborne top covers are making Japanese PS4s more fearsome



There’s a global crisis that’s currently affecting nearly every PlayStation 4 in existence: They don’t have imposing monsters adorning the top. How will everyone know this console is not to be messed with? Don’t worry, Capcom has a solution.

Coinciding with Monster Hunter World: Iceborne‘s launch next month, Sony and Capcom are producing an Icebornetop cover for both the black and white models of PS4. A pair of menacing monsters, Nergigante and Ivercana, stare back from atop the machine. There’s a slight logistics problem for most people reading this post: They’re only available in Japan. They’ll cost 4,000 yen (approximately $38).

There’s more. Sony is also manufacturing IceborneDualShock 4 controllers, again in both black and white, that feature two symbols from the expansion. These controllers will retail for 7,480 yen (approximately $70).

Finally — and most bizarre — Sony is producing Iceborne“wearable neck speakers.” Those, I guess, are just headphones for people who don’t want the privacy that headphones afford. Tempted? Those run a cool 29,380 yen (approximately $276).

There you have it. Images of everything are in the gallery below. Anyone who’s in Japan can get the most authentic Monster Hunter World: Iceborneexperience by dropping nearly $400 on accessories. And that’s before you actually get around to paying for the expansion.

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