Monster Hunter World is supposedly 40-50 hours long, with much more grinding to do afterward


The game’s director confirms

I was sufficiently impressed by the Monster Hunter World beta, and I’m looking forward to playing a Monster Hunter experience that isn’t some sequel, spinoff, or new “EX” iteration again. It’ll be a lengthy romp too, as game director Yuya Tokuda informed Mein-MMO that Worldwill sport a campaign that’s roughly 40 to 50 hours long.

Tokuda explains that the real length will “depend on the player,” but there will still be a huge post-game to partake in, as well as weekly event quests and free updates, which have already been confirmed.

Monster Hunter World will arrive on PS4 and Xbox One on January 26, 2018. A PC release is set to follow but does not even have a window at this time. My ideal window is “whenever Capcom can get it right.”

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