Monster Hunter: World loads so much faster on PC


Like, around 10 times faster

It’s nearly time for the PC players to join the fight. More than half a year after Capcom’s Monster Hunter: Worldreleased on PS4 and Xbox One, its PC version finally arrives on August 9.

While it’s a bit tardy to the party, PC players will make up some time on loading screens. A side-by-side comparison (embedded above) shows that Monster Hunter: Worldloads significantly faster on PC than it does on consoles.

Here’s the breakdown. Tests were performed with an SSD, an HDD (5400 rpm), and a base model PS4. The SSD obviously performed the best across all tests, the HDD was usually about twice as slow as the SSD, and the PS4 was magnitudes slower than any PC hard drive.

Specifically, the SSD loaded from the title screen to the hub in 6 seconds, and the HDD took 12.5 seconds; the PS4 went from title screen to the hub in 60 seconds. Once in the game, the SSD loaded the hub to the Ancient Forest in 7 seconds, and the HDD took 15.5 seconds; the PS4 took 61 seconds to get from the hub to the Ancient Forest. Lastly, going back from the Ancient Forest to the hub (which is a considerably smaller space) took 2 seconds, and the HDD also took 2 seconds; the PS4 needed 35 seconds.

So yeah — PC is considerably faster and that’ll probably be the case for all the untested worlds too. It feels like equal parts of shining a light on how quick Monster Hunter: Worldis on PC andhow frustratingly slow it is on consoles. Regardless, PC players can take comfort knowing they’ll spend far more time slaying Bazelgeuse, and far less time idly thinking about how they’re gonna slay Bazelgeuse.