Monster Hunter: World PC mingles with The Witcher on May 9


You’ve been very patient

[Update: The hunt beckons. Monster Hunter: World‘s Witcher side quest begins today on PC.]

PC players will soon be able to discover the joy of having The Witcher‘s Geralt of Rivia in their beloved Monster Hunter: World. A few months after the crossover event kicked off in the console editions, it’s now gearing up for a May 9, 2019 debut on PC. Here’s the original trailer in case you missed it.

In the Witcher 3-inspired quest “Contract: Trouble in the Ancient Forest,” you’ll play as Geralt to track down a root-summoning Leshen. As a reminder, it’s single-player-only, though you can come away with materials to whip up a Geralt armor set, the Witcher’s Silver Sword, and a vile Nekker makeover for your furry Palico friend. Once the special assignment goes live on May 9, it’ll stick around for good.

Soon after, on May 17, Monster Hunter: World for PC will open up “Contract: Woodland Spirit,” a more challenging quest that will run until Thursday, May 30. If you see this thing through to the end, you’ll earn materials for crafting Ciri armor and the Zireael dual blades. Capcom specifically notes that “any bugs related to this quest on other platforms have already been fixed for Steam.”

Most of you reading this are probably leveled enough, but you’ll need to be HR50 or higher to take on the Woodland Spirit quest, and it’s not something to undertake alone. Coordination is key.

It’s always a pleasure to see two cool games team up in a thoughtful way. Collaborations are nothing new to the Monster Hunter series, but this one, in particular, stands out. A lot of love went into it. Still, every time news pops up for the PC version of Monter Hunter: World, I can’t help but wish the game had cross-platform save support of some kind. I don’t want to start off as a wide-eyed rookie, y’know?