Monster Hunter: World's Nergigante in duster form is the best gaming merch of 2018


And that lamp is ok too, I guess

I like cleaning up… No wait, I don’t like cleaning up, I just have to do it. Pretty often in fact. As I’m sure many of you can relate to, it’s always a dull task, regardless of what Mary Poppins tells up. But could it be made better if there were more video game-based cleaning products, right?

At least Capcom is apparently trying, because now, over in Japan, you can win a dusting glove shaped into the form of Monster Hunter World’s behemoth Nergigante. Their cutesy form stares at you, dead-eyed, while you wipe down your monitor, clean your bookcase or finally take care of those chips you’ve shamelessly trodden into the carpet.

And to light your way into those dark nooks and crannies, perhaps you could use this neat desklight, which is shaped like a Scoutflies lantern and emits a relaxing green glow. Both items are to be made available as prizes in Capcom array of 24-hour online crane-games “Cap-Tore”, although the lantern will also be available to purchase separately for ¥5,800, or roughly $50.

Monster Hunter: World is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.