Monster Hunter XX's Switch demo is out now in Japan, here's how to play it worldwide


Just make a Japanese eShop account

It took Nintendo long enough, but they’ve finally put region-free capabilities back into one of their systems, and fully unlocked it on the eShop as well. It’s a nice thing to have if you want to grab the Monster Hunter XXdemo, which is not only exclusive to the Switch — it’s also exclusive to Japan at the moment.

So how do you download it? Just follow our trusty cross-region eShop guide here and you’re good to go. It’s a pretty seamless process and doesn’t require attaching a credit card, plus all of your apps will show up on the home screen regardless of who you’re logged in as or what your “main” account is. You can even peruse every eShop (US, EU, JP are the big ones) freely and see if there are any region exclusive demos or games.

You will need a regional credit card in some countries, or you can buy eShop points specific to that area online (or get a friend who lives there to buy a point card for you). Happy hunting!