Monster sales: Monster Hunter 4 hits 2.5 million sold


In Japan

Monster Hunter 4 will not be stopped. It rode a 140,000 sales week to remain at the top of the software sales charts in Japan. Looking up at it was Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate at just under 25,000. This marks the fourth week Capcom’s juggernaut has topped the charts and puts its sales in Japan over 2.5 million.

You’ll remember, Monster Hunter 4 did 1.71 million retail copies sold its first week of release, already then almost outselling the PlayStation Vita. The console. Monster Hunter 4 is encroaching on all Vita lifetime retail software sales. The series on the 3DS, including Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, has already eclipsed lifetime Vita software sales at retail.

Crazy. How badly do you want Monster Hunter 4 to be released outside of Japan?

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