Moonrise Fund reveals the first three game studios it's backing


Virtuoso Neomedia, Future Club, and Perfect Garbage will all receive support from the fund

In January, Glitch founder Evva Karr announced the Moonrise Fund—a new early-stage equity fund that would back people, not projects. Today, Moonrise revealed the three studios it will be backing with its fund, exhibiting a diverse and exciting group of talent that’s getting a boost.

First up is Virtuoso Neomedia, a studio that has three different projects in the works, all in different genres. The pair of brothers leading it are working on futuristic sports game Raddminton, as well as Killer Auto and Zodiac XX.

You might recognize Future Club as the co-op studio made up of former Lab Zero employees. The team is still working on development of Skullgirls, as well as a secret unannounced project. In an interview with IGN about the Moonrise Fund, Future Club CEO Francesca Esquenazi teases that it’s an original IP that’s narrative-focused.

Earlier this year we announced?Moonrise

Today, you get to meet the three starter studios backed by our prototype fund for early stage game companies

— GLITCH (@heyglitch) November 2, 2021

Perfect Garbage, meanwhile, is the studio behind Love Shore that’s also developing an unannounced genre mash-up that will center the perspectives of people of color and LGBTQ+ individuals.

IGN interviewed the studio heads as well as Karr, and the main takeaway I had was that Moonrise is looking to do what it initially set out to: back people, not projects. While these studios already had games in development, all three were able to up their ambitions in some way thanks to the funding and support.

All three studios have very, very interesting projects on display. And it’s nice to think that this support will let them not only make it all happen, but in a way that’s better for themselves too. You can find the full interview with Moonrise and co. here.