More Final Fantasy Type-0 HD info revealed, the XV demo may not make Type-0's release


The story will take roughly 40 hours

I’m looking forward toFinal Fantasy Type-0 HD. Or should I say, I’m looking forward to buying the Final Fantasy XV demo with a free copy ofFinal Fantasy Type-0. Just kidding! Both of them are looking pretty great so far.

In Type-0 related news, the game’s director Hajima Tabata took to reddit to put on an Ask Me Anything event, where he answered fan questions regarding the upcoming release. For starters, all of the DLC/items found in the PSP game are in the PS4 and Xbox One editions. The story will run you roughly 40 hours, but if you do everything, it should last you around 100.

In regards to the Final Fantasy XVdemo, Tabata couldn’t really reveal a ton of info on its release date. Although the team is doing its “best,” it is still optimizing the game, so it may not make Type-0 HD‘s launch. A few details were given out though like the ability to jump, and the fact that Cindy’s identity will be revealed in the demo.

Final Fantasy XIVhas single-handedly reinvigorated my hope for the franchise, so I’m expecting great things going forward.

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