More floors and an updated Tokyo Death Metro planned for Let it Die


‘Rest in peace, guys’

Grasshopper Manufacture isn’t done with Let it Die.

As announced on-stream yesterday, a number of updates are coming to the free-to-play action-survival game. Among those plans are a challenging new set of floors with a different “atmosphere” and six-star fighters to help us stand a chance of further ascending the inhospitable Tower of Barbs.

“This is the beginning of what the real Let it Die is all about,” says director Hideyuki Shin, who expects the update to roll out sometime before August, but “for sure” not in April.

The team also has a more strategic “second version” of the Tokyo Death Metro, Let it Die‘s base-raiding asynchronous multiplayer feature, in the works. That should also arrive by August at the latest.

If you have the interest and the time, you can find the hour-long archive right here (skip to around 35 minutes in for the update news). Otherwise, enjoy this fun picture of Shin-san and co.