More gear, heroes, and maps coming to For Honor's second season


‘Shadow and Might’ kicks off May 16

Two new hero classes are entering the fray next month, as Ubisoft’s historical hack-and-slash fighter For Honor kicks off its second season. The samurai assassin Shinobi and knight hybrid Centurion both join the fight as early as May 16, and bring with them two new maps, Forge and Temple Garden.

Season 2 also brings new customization items and gameplay updates, partially through the introduction of a new level of gear rarity. Epic gear will ultimately increase the maximum gear score, but its inclusion also seeks to overhaul and rebalance the entire gear stats system at the same time.

Season pass owners will be able to start playing as both the Centurion and the Shinobi right away on May 16, while the rest of you will have wait until May 23 and spend hard-earned in-game steel to unlock the new heroes. Maps and the other gameplay updates will be available to all players for free at the start of Season 2.

There’s a painfully uninformative teaser trailer bundled with the announcement, but it’s only worth checking out if you enjoy ominous music and slow pans over lifeless character models. A slightly more detailed image featuring a menacing pose from each new hero, however, can be found below.