More Slugcat gifs? More Slugcat gifs


Sploosh! Rain World gets wet

What’s that? You didn’t get enough Rain Worldgifs this week? What’s that? Timmy is trapped in a well, rehabbing from that awkward back spasm in mop up? What’s that? Old Man Tim is going to be lights out tonight in his stead? What’s that? You want to see pictures of my dog. What’s that? You want someone to make a game based on Kevin Costner’s Waterworld?What’s that? You want me to stop with the rhetorical questions?

How is has the global economy not collapsed under anticipation for this game? Or…wait. What year did this start development?

WHOA! Hey thanks for the gif love @destructoid ! Here is another for youuuu ;D SPLOOSH!!

— Rain World (@RainWorldGame) October 23, 2014