More Snipperclips is a very good thing


There’s now Pro Controller and Joy-Con Grip support too

It’s become easier to overlook early Nintendo Switch successes like Snipperclips now that we have Super Mario Odyssey and even Doom of all things to occupy our time on the system, but I hope you don’t forget about it. The puzzle-solving, friend-annoying cooperative platform game is back with DLC.

The $10 add-on offers up “new comic book and toy box worlds, three new Blitz games, and a new Stamp mode,” plus the ability to replay levels as alternately-shaped characters. It’s all right here!

If you’re new to Snipperclips, Nintendo is also bundling everything as Snipperclips Plus: Cut It Out, Together! and that’s priced at $30. (If that seems high, keep in mind the original game was $20.)

I’m hoping to crack into the new stuff this weekend.