More Touhou is coming to PlayStation 4


Croixleur studio announces STG port

Touhou seems to be everywhere these days. The series is making its western debut tomorrow. A demo for the next mainline entry isn’t too far behind. And even some of the fan-made games are on their way to PlayStation 4. The cult doujin phenomenon is really spreading its wings.

And now Croixleur Sigma developer Souvenir Circ. is adding more fuel to the fire by bringing itsSTGMaihana Soumakyouto PlayStation 4 with improved visuals and added content.

No word on when it’s coming to PS4 or if it will ever get localized, but I’m optimistic, given the deluge of announcements we’ve seen recently and buzz around the series right now.

Here’s a look at trailer for the original PC version, which released in 2012:

舞華蒼魔鏡 [Souvenir Circ, Kagring]