Morgana, arguably the best Persona 5 character, rips in Persona 5 Scramble


ThePersona series has such a rich tapestry of characters that you could probably argue all day over who your own individual favorites are, but as a cat owner at heart, Morgana really hit home in Persona 5. The fact that he can transform into all sorts of wacky configurations is just the cherry on top.

Morgana is bringing that madness into Persona 5 Scramble, the new Musou-like game arriving in Japan this February on PS4 and Switch. I say “Musou-like” because it really looks like it’s shaking up the formula with a bit of Personamadness, especially with characters like Morgana and the titular Personas. His trademark humor also made it in, baka!

Call me crazy, but Scramble even seems import worthy, which will be super easy to do on the PS4 and Switch, which are both region-free. I don’t know if I want to wait for a localization announcement and the eventual release!

Now that I think about it: let’s do this. Throw down on your favorite Persona 5party member below.

Who’s your favorite Persona 5 party member?