Mortal Kombat 11 Spawn Fatalities, Brutalities, Krushing Blow and Friendship guide


No more clowning around

After many, many years of fan-wishlisting, Spawn has finally made his debut in the Mortal Kombat universe. The avenger will go live in-game today for all Mortal Kombat 11 players who have purchased the Kombat Pass. Spawn will be made available to purchase for all players on March 24.

Created by former Marvel writer/artist Todd McFarlane, Spawn was the figurehead for the author’s breakaway company Image Comics, which was formed during an industry boom in the early ’90s. Unleashed upon the world in 1992, Spawn was an instant hit due to its super-metal artwork, edgy, violent storylines, and grim gallery of anti-heroes and villains.

Spawn himself is the resurrected guise of former U.S. marine and State assassin Al Simmons, who finds himself on the business end of a contract from his own employers, ultimately arriving in the underworld due to his violent misdeeds. There, Simmons makes a deal with the devil to return to Earth, and is reborn as Spawn, a tortured figure of rage and vengeance, stalking the streets and dispatching evil with a catalogue of demonic superpowers.

And if you fancy a bit of the old ultra-violence yourself, then check out our guide below to Spawn’s Fatalities, Brutalities, and Krushing Blows. The list will be updated as more moves are discovered, so be sure to check back as the week progresses.

All inputs are for characters facing right.Fatalities and Brutalities are unlocked by completing Towers of Time.Klassic Mortal Kombat numeration is utilised as follows:1 = PS4: Square / Xbox One: X / Switch : Y2 = PS4: Triangle / Xbox One: Y / Switch: X3 = PS4: Cross / Xbox One: A / Switch: B4 = PS4: Circle / Xbox One: B / Switch: A


Rest In Pieces:(Mid-Range) Forward, Back, Down, Down, 2

Spawn’s demonic cape tightly wraps around the opponent’s face, hoisting them into the air. Like the world’s goriest pinata, Spawn pierces the unlucky fighter through every part of their anatomy, before channeling a Necroplasmic charge through the chains which causes the victim to literally explode. Grim stuff.

Unchained:(Mid-Range) Forward, Back, Forward, 4

As featured in the above trailer, this fatality sees Spawn bind his poor victim in vicious barbed chains, piercing the muscle and contorting their whole body. Having stripped the opponent of their skin, Spawn then envelopes them within his cape, using his power source – Necroplasm – to render the very flesh from their bones, culminating in an impressive final shot.

Stage Fatality:(Close) Forward, Back, Down, 2Works on Dead Pool, RetroKade, and Shaolin Trap Dungeon stages only.

Friendship: Hellish Desires(Mid) Back, Down, Forward, Down, 1

Taking time out from all the underworld avengement, Spawn sets up his cape as a hammock and basks in some R’n’R, whilst flicking through a swoony romance novel.

KRUSHING BLOWS:Rising Cape:Down + 2– Triggers if a punish or counter to a High attack

Forward Throw:-Triggers is Spawn’s back is against the wall

Soul Chamber:1, 1, Back + 2-Triggers if kombo is a punish or counter

Heaven and Hell:2, 4, Up + 3, 2-Triggers if only Up + 3 hits

Blaze of Glory:Down, Back, 1-Triggers if move parries low melee attack

Unholy Veil:Back, Forward, 2-Trigger if move parries a projectile

BRUTALITIES: (Remember these must be unlocked in towers first, because that’s how it works now shrug)

The Klassic:All Variations: (Close) Down + 2 (Hold 2)– Do not block in final round– Final hit must come from Down + 2

Speared:Forward Throw– Press Forward, Forward, Forward during throw

To Hell:Back, Forward, 3 (Amplified)– Hold Up during hit– Final hit must come from Amplified Soul Shattering War Club

Hell’s Hand:Back, Forward, 2– Press Down, Down, Down during hit– Final hit must come from Unholy Veil

Headcase:Down, Away, 4, Down– Press Forward during hit– Final hit must come from Low Hell Chains

Severed:Back, Forward, 3 (Amplified)– Health must be over 40%– Press Forward during hit– Final hit must come from Amplified Charging Hellspawn

Severed Spine:Back Throw– Rapidly press 1 + 2 during Back Throw

Mortal Kombat 11 is available on PS4, PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.