Mortal Kombat 11 welcomes some more series veterans to the roster


Liu Kang and Kung Lao need to check themselves

In case you had any doubt, Liu Kang, Kung Lao, and Jax will be playable in the upcoming Mortal Kombat 11. A new trailer shown during Sony’s “State of Play” stream gave us glimpses of gameplay from the trio and a decent story trailer cut to Ice Cube’s “Check Yourself.” There’s a blink and you’ll miss it fatality of Liu Kang summoning a fire dragon, Kung Lao slicing a guy in half, and Jax doing the usual “GOTCHA” grab.

That’s really it, too. It was a fun trailer, but we learned nothing else from it. I guess Sony is holding off on the big announcements for future streams because it would have been great to confirm some of the long-standing rumors around Mortal Kombat 11. At least we mostly know the main roster, now.