Mortal Kombat's selection screen sure has changed over the years


Mortal Kombat X’s full select screen revealed

Different people have wildly different experiences with fighting games. Someone who’s unskilled won’t have near the same involvement as someone who’s mastered its systems. But, there is one constant across anyone who tries their hand at a fighting game: the character selection screen.

NetherRealms revealed Mortal Kombat X‘s selection screen during a stream today. It has the full roster of 25 characters, not including any that’ll be released later as downloadable content. There’s also a big old question mark in the middle, likely for randomized choice.

Any fan of the arcade classics will immediately look at this screen and notice the staunch difference from the series titles from the ’90s. It’s just so clean, slick, and refined — nothing like the giant tiles of Mortal Kombat IIthat just seem so at-home in an arcade.

Full Roster Konfirmed from NetherRealm’s Stream Today! [reddit]