Mortal Shell is going straight on my action-RPG radar


It’s aiming for Q3 2020

There’s no replacement for a new From Software action-RPG, but I’m more than happy to have other games tide me over while we wait for Elden Ring. Here’s one that caught me off guard this afternoon. The trailer for Mortal Shell – a 2020 PC, PS4, and Xbox One title – makes a great first impression.

The dark fantasy tone is familiar (in a good way!), and the execution meets my modest expectations, at least at a glance. Worth noting: this is a smaller-studio project with a “core team” of 15 people.

The most alluring bit, at least to me, is right there in the name. You’re playing as an “empty vessel” who can possess Mortal Shells, “the lost remains of defeated warriors,” to alter your combat abilities.

“The stronger your connection to each Mortal Shell grows, the better you can harness their innate talents,” according to developer Cold Symmetry. “Craft unique upgrades, sharpen your blade with acid, and study dark arcane abilities that imbue your attacks with supernatural devastation.”

As for the foreboding narration, that’s the Dark Father. It’s probably best to do what he says.