Most and least popular Monster Hunter World: Iceborne monsters revealed by Capcom


Zinogre wins

Back in May of this year, Capcom held a Twitter poll to gauge the most popular monsters in Monster Hunter World. Some of you may recall that Safi’jiiva won, with Yian Garuga coming in dead last. With Icebornein the mix though, things have been shaken up quite a bit.

With four options in the new poll: now, Zinogre is in the lead as the most popular and most-hunted creature of Iceborne. Safi’jiiva is now rocking second place, withVelkhana in third and Fiercewater Nargacuga as the fourth-most popular.

As far as the least-popular monsters go, Brute Tigrex came in dead last on a separate pollas fifth place in the loser’s bracket. Third place is Shara Ishvalda, second place isScarred Yian Garuga and first place is Viper Tobi-Kadachi. For reference, the polls ran through 17:00 JST today, and just concluded around the time of publication.

If you’re interested in comparing and contrasting the poll options for yourself, just head here and copy/paste the Japanese script into your search bar on this page. This handy database lists monster names in both languages!

While Zinogre is a fine creature to win the poll, I’m still partial toSafi’jiiva.

Monster Hunter JP[Twitter] Thanks John!