Most people prefer to use the Switch as a hybrid console according to Nintendo


Handheld wins over TV primary though

Nintendo’s yearly financial briefing is out for the fiscal year ending in March 2018, and all sorts of interesting tidbits came along with the sales figures we’ve already talked about. One piece of data in particular really called to me — the amount of users that engage with their Switch primarily docked, in handheld mode, or with both in a hybrid fashion.

According to Nintendo, the vast majority of Switch owners split their time between both modes, followed by portable use, followed by TV-only. As I’ve said many times I’m one of the latter groups — when I pick up a brand new game like Mario Odyssey, I want it to run the best it possibly can (both in terms of resolution and framerate), and provide the most comfortable amount of controller options (the handheld Joy-Con are great, but scrunching up with a Pro Controller isn’t always ideal or comfortable).

Still, I totally get why people would want to take it on the go rather than be tethered to a TV, so the idea that more folks do it makes a lot of sense.

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