Mothra, Battra, and more invade City Shrouded in Shadow


Monster party

This crazy game that has you evading giant monsters is developing a Super Smash Bros. style roster of all-stars. Mothra, Battra, Gyaos, and Ultraman Tiga will join a cast that already includes Godzilla, Gamera, Ultraman,Evangelion Unit-01, King Ghidorah,Nise Ultraman, Alien Zarab, the Fourth Angel (Neon Genesis Evangelion), Legion, and Soldier Legion.

All these tokusatsu (Japanese term for media focusing on special effects, typically refers to monster movies, Super Sentai, etc) films are things I would love in indulge in if I had the time, but if this game is as good as it looks it would be a better introduction to them than the 2014 Godzillagame. We’ll get a first look at gameplay on August 3.

When thinking of creatures I’d like to see appear, my mind just goes straight to Reptar from Rugrats. It would never happen but it’s so dumb I’ll hold on to my dream.