Moving Out, a neat couch co-op game, is free today on the Epic Games Store


The daily game giveaways are still underway

When I say “couch co-op,” I mean it! Moving Out is a fumbling cooperative multiplayer game about chucking people’s stuff — including actual couches — into a truck, and it’s free to claim on PC today from the Epic Games Store. It’s not my favorite, but it’s neat.

Squeezing bulky furniture around tight corners and safely transporting goods through obstacle courses is hard enough alone, much less with another player who essentially needs to be drift compatible with your playstyle. Of course, that’s the nature of these “talk it out while you go fast” co-op games — the lines between fun and frustration are often blurred, but the payoff is worth it when you succeed together. I like a bit of spice.

Moving Out gets wacky and challenging, so don’t think it’s just standard house after house. On that note, the game does have assist/accessibility options for things like the timer, item weight, and clearing out objects once they’re loaded in the truck. (One of the tricks is finding enough room for everything and then quickly slipping back out to grab more stuff.)

I’ve been out on vacation for the holidays, so I haven’t kept up with daily freebie reminders here on Destructoid, but I hope you’ve claimed everything you wanted so far. I feel like Loop Hero was one of the standout free games from an “I think I’ll be into this but I’m not completely sure” perspective. Come to think of it, I dropped off in the second chapter.

Wait, are we actually meant to play these games? Or are we just scooping them up for the sake of it? In any case, if you’ve got someone close to you who’s into Overcooked-style games — and your PC setup is conducive — then grab Moving Out while it’s still free.

This deal ends at 8:00 a.m. Pacific on December 29. Salt and Sanctuary should be next.