Mr. Freeze finally gets a helmet with Injustice 2's June update


Cool party

Tekken 7 may be working its way into my heart, but I’ve still been putting a ton of time into Injustice 2. The multiverse and gear system has kept me going, but I do fear it’s now hitting the point of diminishing returns in some areas. NetherRealm is already making improvements, however. Red Hood (gross) is on his way soon, and an update to some of the game’s inner workings is hitting today. Here are some changes sticking out to me:

  • Improved AI logic for multiverse opponents & for player AI loadouts
  • Corrected an issue which could cause specific Jump Attacks to not have recovery when a miss occurred
  • Corrected an issue that could cause a character to jump in the opposite direction if the jump was inputted on the same frame as an opponent teleporting to the opposite side
  • The level requirement on Gear will now be displayed as red if the user has not met the level requirement to equip it
  • Added an indicator to opponent info in online match making screens which will display if the opponent is using a Wi-Fi connection instead of a Wired connection
  • Fixed an issue which could cause players to not receive the proper rewards upon reaching levels 5/10/15/20
  • Multiverse opponents and player AI loadout characters will now use sidekick and assist attacks (booooooo)
  • Mr. Freeze premier skin now has a helmet
  • Bronze Mother Boxes now cost 5000 Credits & Silver Mother Boxes now cost 10000 Credit

I’m so glad Captain Cold’s Mr. Freeze skin is getting an improvement since it was the only one I could afford with the few Source Crystals I wrangled for free. I’m not paying ten dollars for skins, NetherRealm. Potato skins, maybe, but even that’s a stretch. They’d have to be super good.

Read over the full patch notes on Injustice 2’smain page for more details.